• Advanced engine protection and operational efficiency with extended drain capability and excellent all-weather performance. Outperforms ACEA E6/E7/E9 and API CI-4 PLUS standards Exceeds major European OEM standards 99.9% pure base oils

  • Delivers industry leading soot control while providing the ultimate in all-weather engine protection and performance. Outperforms ACEA E9 and API CJ-4 standards Industry leading soot protection and all-weather performance 99.9% pure base oils DURON-E Synthetic 10W-40 TECH DATA

  • High performance, all-weather formulation that offers exceptional soot controlling properties to provide excellent performance and protection.  Outperforms ACEA E7/E9 and API CJ-4 standards  Excellent soot protection and all-weather performance  99.9% pure base oils DURON-E XL Synthetic 15W-40 TECH DATA

  • Advanced soot control and excellent all-weather engine protection and reliability. Outperforms ACEA E7/E9 and API CJ-4 standards  Advanced soot protection and all-weather performance  99.9% pure base oils DURON-E 15W-40 TECH DATA

  • Along with advanced soot control, this oil can help you increase fuel economy by up to 1%‡ — while continuing to protect your engine. High oil film strength for high temperature protection Helps prevent soot agglomeration and minimizes soot related engine wear Helps maintain engine power and fuel efficiency DURON-E 10W-30 TECH DATA

  • Protects against thermal breakdown, oxidation and wear. SUPREME 5W-20 TECH DATA SUPREME 5W-30 TECH DATA SUPREME 10W-30 TECH DATA SUPREME 10W-40 TECH DATA SUPREME 20W-50 TECH DATA

  • Our most advanced motor oil, formulated to protect longer under severe driving conditions and temperature extremes. SUPREME Synthetic 0W-20 TECH DATA SUPREME Synthetic 5W-20 TECH DATA SUPREME Synthetic 0W-30 TECH DATA SUPREME Synthetic 5W-30 TECH DATA SUPREME Synthetic 10W-30 TECH DATA

  • 2-stroke engine oils for outboard motors, snowmobiles and other small engines Petro-Canada’s engine oils perform in both air-cooled and water-cooled 2-stroke outboard motors, snowmobiles and 2-stroke engines operating in all conditions. These small engine oils deliver anti-scuff and anti-wear performance, ensuring reliability, internal cleanliness and...

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